Hello, my name is Prakhar Srivastav.

I am a software engineer based out of Oslo, Norway and have been serving clients scaling from small student entrepreneurs to the large multinational organizations and everything in between. I currently operate as the CTO for bedrebest.no and take care of the sophesticated price comparison engine that focuses on listing the best personal finance products in Norway.

I have previously worked with Infosys Limited and have served multiple clients across the globe for over 8 years.

I love to create awesome, clean and easy to use interfaces using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. I am highly inspired by various new grid systems introduced in the open source community and the way they make prototyping and web layouts so simple.

I am also a big fan of JQuery framework and the way it has made JavaScript development so much easier. For server side scripting and development, PHP and Python are the best tools I have found so far . I like to use these languages in object oriented fashion but also utilize the power of frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter for larger projects to reduce the development time.

Now that you know a little about me, feel free to get in touch with me through my Contact form here.

Thanks for stopping by,