My Recent Works

AKDN MER STUDIES : Survey collection system

Collect survey/user management/reporting
  • Twitter Bootstrap with HTML5 / CSS3 /JQuery.
  • PHP backend. Codeigniter / ajax
  • Bootstrap datatables
  • User authentication / reporting
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Magic Meal : Food Order / Delivery Website

Food Ordering / Delivery / Takeaway website.
  • Twitter Bootstrap with HTML5 / CSS3 /JQuery.
  • Google Maps Integration.
  • JQuery driven price calculator.
  • JavaScript / CSS based animations.
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Moxie CRM : PHP-MySQL based CRM system

A blazing fast CRM system with Customer, Expense and Invoice modules.
  • Automatic application installer.
  • Built using PHP Fat Free Framework.
  • List / Add / Edit / Search / Delete options for each module.
  • Twitter-Bootstrap (HTML/CSS/JQuery).
  • PHP - Mysql (Fat Free Framework).
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Admin Panel : Invoicing system

System to create role based users and send invoices.
  • Login Authentication. Username - password recovery.
  • Reseller model. Create and manage Vendors and Customers
  • Payment Gateway integration. Invoice management.
  • Activate / deactivate vendors. Generate custom reports.
  • Automated / Manual database backup.
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ExportEditor : A web based tool to upload/parse CSV, JS validate and email

Web Development PHP, twitter bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL Administration
  • Built on JavaScript, PHP, Twitter Bootstrap framework.
  • Performs backend database queries.
  • Highly optimized for performance.
  • SMTP email authorization
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Pathology Lab : report management

Application for managing patients and their reports
  • Twitter Bootstrap with HTML5 / CSS3 /JQuery.
  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • Authorization and Access Control management.
  • PDF report generation.
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Website Redesign :

Website redesign to a Bootstrap based layout.
  • Responsive Design / Mobile first.
  • Twitter-Bootstrap (HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery).
  • Simple Four page layout
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SafeGlobalPay : Payment Gateway website

Twitter Bootstrap , HTML5, CSS and JQuery based single page website.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Smooth scrolling, CSS based hover effects.
  • Contact form with feedback.
  • Twitter-Bootstrap (HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery).
  • PHP (CodeIgniter Framework).
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PHP Scripting: Splitting large xmls to smaller chunks

PHP, XMLReader / XMLWriter apis, Mysql database, Cron scheduling
  • Reads huge xmls from URL and file system.
  • Splits source xml into smaller chunks.
  • Perform database manipulations for managing cron.
  • Capable of resuming aborted process from the last record.
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Sample Project : HTML5 site built with Bootstrap and CSS3/Jquery animations

Sample project created to demonstrate animations and effects using CSS3 and JQuery.
  • Special scrolling effect on click of menu items.
  • Jquery/CSS3 animations on each slide.
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap framework.
  • Applicable for showcasing portfolios and projects.
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Ayjo Consulting : Website

Website for software development agency.
  • Carousal / Sliding banner with text and buttons.
  • Parallax scrolling and smooth transitions.
  • Detailed Service , Pricing and Contact sections.
  • Twitter-Bootstrap (HTML/CSS/JQuery) and other JS libraries for effects.
  • Auto hiding top header on scroll.
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PHP Scripting: XML and CSV data parsing using PHP

Object oriented PHP, XMLReader / XMLWriter apis, CSV manipulations
  • Read the mime-type of the feed from the http url.
  • Parse the csv/xml and expose results as api.
  • Tuned for high performance.
  • PHP based solution
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Web portal built on PHP and HTML5 / CSS

PHP based portal designed to upload files and preview results before writing to database.
  • PHP file upload and file parsing functionality.
  • Created my own routing for this simple app.
  • PHP -MySql integration.
  • Table sorting and pagination using JQuery.
  • Utilizes PHPExcel library for reading Excel.
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Sample Project : HTML5, JQuery website with Laravel PHP framework.

HTML5 / CSS / JQuery website powered by Laravel PHP framework on server side.
  • Fixed left side menu with JQuery custom slider.
  • Full responsive using Bootstrap Grid system.
  • Laravel framework on the server to provide backend functionalities.
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If you have a requirement similar to any of the projects above, I would be looking forward to do it for you.

My rates are lower for the projects which need lesser efforts and are derivative of the earlier works.