Admin Panel : Invoicing System
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Functional operations

This application is based on reseller model of operation. The application has an Administrator who can create different vendors who in turn can create different customers under them. Vendors can now create invoices for these customers and charge them based on the consulting and support service that they provide to the customers.
The invoices are sent to the email address of the customers. Customers can click on a secure link sent in the email and they are proceeded to a page where they can make a secure payment with their credit cards.

  1. Login authenticated system. Admin can create vendors and send an activation link on email. Vendor can click on the link to activate their accounts. Features available for resetting and retrieving username and passwords.
  2. Create / Edit / View and Delete Vendor information. Change the vendor activation status.
  3. Generate custom reports based on dates. Process customer payments, refunds and charge-backs. Settle customer accounts and download reports.
  4. Transaction alerts and notifications. Get an email notification on events like Invoice creation , Invoice payments, vendor registration etc.
  5. Automated database backups. Options for taking the manual backup of the website.
Technologies used
  1. HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / JQuery : Twitter Bootstrap's grid system with custom CSS
  2. PHP-MySql : Codeigniter PHP Framework.
  3. API Integration : Firstdata payment gateway.

Demo Url :
The links to the admin panel can be shared on request.
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Project Snapshot (Click to expand and view screenshots)
Login Screen
Dashboard After Login
Create Vendor Page
Manage Vendor Page
Manage Reports
Select duration for generating reports
Generated report for the Vendor
Sample responsive email sent for Invoices
Edit Vendors