AKDN MER STUDIES : Statistical Survey collection system
Project Details

This project involved:

Functional operations

This application provided the means to consolidate the statistics collected by different field operators for The surveyers would go to the target locations to collect data manually and submit the statistics in a simple web form. Surveyers could save the studies completely or partially (if more information ws required) and edit it at later point of time for modifications. Options to view , edit and delete these studies was available.
An admin account was also provided to manage and create new user and fix operational issues like activiate user account or reset the password. An authentication logic was also provided to login, register and reset password via emails.

In short system could perform below operations :
  1. Login Authentication with user roles : System was equipped with simple authentication mechanism. User can register , login , and reset password. Additionally admin user could create new users, and perform basic troubleshoot operations like user activation and password reset. Admin user also had overview of all the studies and could edit , delete and update different studies.
  2. CRUD operations to Create / Edit / View and Delete Studies
  3. Generate custom reports based on the data submitted.
  4. Transaction alerts and notifications with logging and audit trail.
  5. User management with capability to edit, delete and create new users.
Technologies used
  1. HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / JQuery : Twitter Bootstrap's grid system with custom CSS
  2. PHP-MySql : Codeigniter PHP Framework.
  3. HTML Email Templates : HTML templates for email notifications.

You can create an account and login to the app to see how it works.
The screenshots below contain dummy data and I do not take any responsibility for any matches with an actual person , organization place or thing. Please inform me if you find any objectionable data and you want it to be removed.

Project Snapshot (Click to expand and view screenshots)
Authentication Screens
Dashboard After Login
Add a study
Manage User Page
Email templates
List of partial studies
View study details
Edit existing studies