ExportEditor : A web based tool to upload/parse CSV, JS validate and email
Project Details

This project involved:

Functional operation
  1. Uploading the CSV file to the server.
  2. Displaying the data in the text boxes available for edits.
  3. Options to generate, view, download and delete reports(previous reports as well).
  4. After data validation and report generation, present the user with an option to customize an email, based on the data edited on previous page.
  5. Configure email settings (To, CC, subject line, email body) on the web page.
  6. Send the email to test and real accounts.
Technologies used
  1. HTML5/CSS : Utilized Twitter Bootstrap's grid system with custom CSS
  2. Javascript (no JQuery)
  3. PHP : Mysqli for database interactions. Swiftmailer for SMTP operations. PHPExcel for reports generation

The application is higly optimized for performance and no performance issues has been reported so far by the client.
I can provide you with a working demo url on request.

Project Snapshot (Click to expand and view screenshots)
Home Page
Home page of the application
Upload preview
Preview page. Options to generate,download and delete reports. Link to proceed to next page
Email configurations
Email configuration page. Set To and CC fields. Edit the subject and body, if required. select test or production
Succesful email
Ajax response message on successful email