HTML5 powered site built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0 framework with CSS3/Jquery animations
Project Details (This is a demo project)

This project involved developing a script for parsing the xml/csv feeds from internet and expose a PHP interface to insert the data into the database

Functional operation:
  1. Special scrolling effect on click of menu items.
  2. Jquery/CSS3 animations on each slide.
  3. Utilized Twitter BootStrap 3.2.0 framework.
  4. Fully customized styles.
  5. Applicable for showcasing portfolios and projects.
  6. further features can be added on demand
  7. Contact Form.
  8. Social Media Follow-Us icons.
Technologies used :
  1. HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap framework components
  2. CSS3
  3. JQuery
  4. Google Maps api in contact form

Demo Url :
If this interests you, I would re write this code as per your requirement

Project Snapshot (Click to expand and view screenshots)
Sample snapshot