Moxie CRM : Blazing Fast CRM system
Project Details

This project involved:

Functional operation
  1. Customer , Expense and Invoice modules. Contains options for uploading images.
  2. Each module having options to Add / Delete / Edit / List and Search Items .
  3. Results display in a paginated fashion. Number of results per page can be adjusted through configuration settings.
  4. On first run, application does the automatic database installation. User needs to provide the database settings via the configuration option.
  5. All deletes are soft deletes. No data is actually deleted from the application.
Technologies used
  1. HTML5 / CSS / JQuery : Twitter Bootstrap's grid system with custom CSS.
  2. PHP - MySQL : PHP - Fat Free Framework for blazing fast performance .

Demo Url :
The data in the demo is prepared using PHP Faker library. I take no responsibility for any accidental matches. Please feel free to drop a note if you find any objectionable data and want it to be removed.

Project Snapshot (Click to expand and view screenshots)

I am only showing the Customer module here. You can visit the demo link for view other modules and their functionality.

Installation Page
On first run, application notifies the user and asks user to Install the application. Alternatively, user can manually run the SQL queries on that database and application will verify the setup before proceeding to further sections. Once the application is installed, the user would not see this page again.
List Customers Page
List of all active customers. The related options for deleting , viewing and editing the customer is marked against each customer. Click on any row to view customer details.
View Customer Details
Edit Customer Details
Add Customer Details
Search Customer Details