Simple Laravel / Bootstrap based CRUD Application to manage patients and their reports
Project Details

This project implements a patient management system for a pathology lab. The Operator can perfom CRUD operations on patient. Once the reports are generated, operator can perform CRUD operations for report. Patients can login to check their reports. Patients can then View, Download and email the reports to their email ids.

Functional operation:
  1. Operator can create patients and perform other CRUD operations
  2. Operator can create report for patient and perform CRUD operations on reports.
  3. Login authentication. Access control provided for Operator and Patient. Patients can only View , Download and email reports.
  4. Laravel (PHP) Framework on backend.
  5. Auto suggest functionality for login.
Technologies used :
  1. Frontend : Twitter Bootstrap Framework. HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  2. Backend : PHP - Laravel 5.2 Framework
  3. Authorization and Access Control

Demo Url :
Operator Login : admin/12345
Patient Login : prakhar/12345

Project Snapshot (Click to expand and view screenshots)
Login Screen
Operator : List Patients
Operator : View Patient
Operator : Create Patient
Operator : Edit Patient
Operator : List Reports
Operator : View Reports
Operator : Create Reports
Operator : Edit Reports
Patient : List Reports
Patient : View Reports