Web portal powered by PHP, HTML and Jquery
Project Details

This is a portal developed for one of my client where he wanted to upload few fixed named csv/Excel files on the server and then persist them to the database. Before updating the database, the users were presented with a page preview where they could preview 10 rows per page. For rest of the pages, simple pagination was provided.

Functional operation
  1. PHP session tracking.
  2. PHP file upload and file parsing functionality.
  3. Created my own MVC framework for this simple app.
  4. PHP -MySql integration.
  5. Table sorting and pagination using JQuery.
  6. Used Object oriented PHP for all the relevant functionality.
  7. Utilizes PHPExcel library for reading Excel
Technologies used
  1. HTML5/CSS
  2. JQuery
  3. PHP : Mysqli for database interactions. Swiftmailer for SMTP operations. PHPExcel for reports generation
  4. Mysql database

Project url : http://prakharsrivastav.byethost33.com/Demo/
Please note that this is not the url to the actual project because the client did not permit to reveal his URL. This points out to the working demo on my webhost.

Project Snapshot (Click to expand and view screenshots)