XML /CSV parsing using PHP
Project Details

This project involved developing a script for parsing the xml/csv feeds from internet and expose a PHP interface to insert the data into the database

Functional operation:
  1. Read the mime-type of the feed from the http url (and/or file system).
  2. If the mime type corresponds to xml, create a parser that converts the xml feed to an array and exposes an interface to write them to database.
  3. If the url corresponds to a csv file, then parse the csv into an array and expose it to be written onto the database.
  4. Optionally, write the file to a local disk.
Technologies used : PHP
  1. Clean object oriented classes for parsing operations
  2. Uses PHP apis/libraries like XMLReader, SimpleXMLReader for xml

Tuned for high performance. the scripts are capable of parsing more than 500 mb of data within a minute.(Depends on internet connection speed)
If you need something similar, I would be more than happy to rewrite this functionality for you.
I can provide you with a working demo url on request.

Project Snapshot (Click to expand and view screenshots)
Sample snapshot